Daily Digest: U/W Control

Gerry’s latest installment of Daily Digest has a Modern list that innovates on one of the most reliable archetypes the Magic world has ever known.

If you’ve seen any straight U/W Control decks all the way back in Extended, chances are it came from JB2002. That man loves him some Kitchen Finks and Sun

Traditional U/W Control decks focused on sweepers and counterspells, and we have plenty of those with Supreme Verdict, Spell Snare, and Cryptic Command.
Noticeably absent are the Mana Leaks, which aren’t great when you plan on tapping out with Kitchen Finks and lose some of their muster when you use Path to

It’s a little surprising to see the lack of Restoration Angel given that the deck has some very good targets for it. It’s clear that JB2002 appreciates his
maindeck hate cards like Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Aven Mindcensor, and Damping Matrix. If I wanted to clean the deck up, that’s probably where I’d
start. However, the maindeck Damping Matrix is a good call against Splinter Twin and Birthing Pod.

The sideboard features some more hate cards as you would expect in Modern. However, the one thing I really like are the Mirran Crusaders. Together with
Wall of Omens, Mirran Crusader is Liliana of the Veil proof. With Jund shifting to straight G/B, it wouldn’t surprise me if your opponent had no answer at

If you’re looking for a U/W Control deck, you could listen to Shaheen Soorani, but I advise you to check out what JB2002 is doing also.