Daily Digest: True Mardu

Mardu has fallen out of favor behind R/W aggressive decks, but GerryT thinks that may be a little premature! See the deck that has Gerry interested in Mardu before Grand Prix Miami!

If Mardu is going to be viable, it might as well make good use of all the warriors out there.

Between Mardu Woe-Reaper and Bloodsoaked Champion, we should have enough one-drops to make the warrior theme work. Chained to the Rocks is no longer an
option, but with all the enchantment hate people would normally bring in against a R/W/X deck, that’s not exactly a card you want to be playing right now

Chief of the Scale ensures that your little creatures aren’t completely embarrassing against Hordeling Outburst, while Tymaret, Butcher of the Horde, and
Brutal Hordechief give you a lot of reach. We don’t get to play Goblin Rabblemaster or Hordeling Outburst ourselves, but Mardu Ascendancy might be good
enough to make up for that.

The sideboard could probably use some work, since right now it’s just removal, Thoughtseizes, and some cards that help you go long, but as a starting point
it’s not that bad.