Daily Digest: The Next Big King

His success on the SCG Tour® is becoming predictable. His decks are interesting, his mood is contagious, and Michael Majors thinks he might be a great pick for taking down #SCGINVI!

SCG Invitational in Columbus April 15-17!

Todd Stevens is quickly making a name for himself on The SCG Tour®. If my information is correct about his plans for this weekend at the #SCGINVI, then he might be soon make a name for himself as the resident expert of a new mechanic.

His result this past weekend at #SCGBALT is the only notable deck list built to abuse delirium. As a result, don’t be alarmed to see the wide variety of spells and card types.

The big payoff for all this hard work is Traverse the Ulvenwald. While many, including me, heralded this delirium sorcery as a powerful new card during spoiler season, we haven’t seen many properly leverage it since.

Todd has been able to successfully do that. In his deck, the mana fixer isn’t just a bullet enabler for powerful options like Dragonlord Silumgar but a jump-start for the Megamorph inevitability engine.

This deck is all about grinding, and with the rise of various Human strategies this past week, many are on the lookout for a powerful deck to incorporate Languish. Todd only had a singleton at #SCGBALT, but that’s sure to change.

As long as you’re willing to diversify your card types, there are near-limitless options for a deck that is able to use both its graveyard and deck as an extension of its hand. The combination of Mindwrack Demon, Traverse, and Den Protector is undeniably potent.

Beyond Esper Dragons, we didn’t see a lot of successful control strategies emerge from Baltimore, but Todd may have something to say about that in his continued efforts this weekend.

SCG Invitational in Columbus April 15-17!