Daily Digest: The Little Thopter That Could

Artifact-based brews have been circulating the undercurrent of Standard since M15 hit shelves. One GP Day 2 deck may be hinting at the future of the format…

Making Day 2 of a Grand Prix is no easy feat, and to do so with a deck that many would consider unplayable is definitely impressive. What we have here is a
mix of Mono-Blue Devotion and an above average M15 draft deck; the possibilities for explosive draws are endless.

Our first nut draw involves Ensoul Artifact on Darksteel Citadel. With Springleaf Drum and Ornithopter, you could be attacking for five on turn 2 with an
indestructible creature. That’s nothing to scoff at, as many Standard decks can’t actually beat that.

Secondly, we have the Chief Engineer engine, topping out at Scuttling Doom Engine. Combined with Generator Servant, it’s not uncommon for the Doom Engine
to put them in a precarious position as early as turn 3. If you kill it, we don’t mind. If you don’t, you better hope we don’t have a Shrapnel Blast.

The last nut draw is pretty typical of Mono-Blue Devotion, and it involves multiple Cloudfin Raptors topping off at Thassa, God of the Sea. That draw is a
little easier to beat, but it becomes much tougher once the deck has access to reach in Shrapnel Blast.

Military Intelligence is another M15 card this deck could potentially play, although I can totally understand why the pilot would leave it on the
sidelines. It doesn’t interact well with the other great draws in the deck, and the deck already has a lot going on.