Daily Digest: The Evolution Of Sultai Reanimator

Whip decks have largely gone away since the release of Fate Reforged, and it’s probably time that they change into something different. GerryT finds one such example that you can use to Whip up wins at #SCGDAL!

It seems like Standard these days is all about evolving past archetypes to fit into today’s metagame. Yuanji Li has successfully done that with Sultai Reanimator, now featuring less reanimation.

His version of the deck removes Sylvan Caryatid and Whip of Erebos completely, instead focusing on Sidisi, Brood Tyrant’s more aggressive nature. Rakshasa Deathdealer gives you an early beatdown option, meaning that a Torrent Elemental-fueled alpha strike is more likely to be lethal in the midgame.

By cutting the air from his deck, Li is able to play things like maindeck Bile Blight, Treasure Cruise, and Whisperwood Elemental. You might lose out on the lifegain aspect of Whip of Erebos, but you will have no shortage of things to spend your mana on in the lategame.

I enjoy Li’s take on the archetype, and all the Sultai fans out there should give it a try.