Daily Digest: The Crux Of Fate

We’ve gone back in time, players. We’ve returned to a different Standard plane where Esper Dragons is still well-positioned and will trounce you if you don’t respect it at #SCGKC. GerryT explains this strange phenomenon.

Formats tend to be cyclical. Abzan Aggro won the last few major tournaments and even took up 35% of the Day 2 metagame at Grand Prix Brussels. Oddly
enough, only two Abzan decks made the Top 8, possibly thanks to the other decks that ended up making Top 8.

Esper Dragons had an abysmal Pro Tour performance, but with Jeskai on the decline due to a medium Abzan matchup, Dragonlord Ojutai is probably pretty safe
from Crackling Doom. At first, Crackling Doom got splashed in a ton of decks, and maybe that’s necessary, at least if Esper Dragons continues to show up.

I like how Jace forces decks to keep in things like Silkwrap to deal with it, but it’s not good against the rest of the deck. It might seem weird to turn
on their maindeck removal, but it’s kind of nice to show them they have to deal with it in the sideboard games.

The Dragonlord’s Prerogatives are a nod to beating the Esper mirrors, which is smart considering Esper was kind of poised to have a good weekend. Going
forward, I expect it to happen again.