Daily Digest: The Best Version Of Rally

We’re only scratching the surface of crazy sacrifice outlets and their combos in Standard. GerryT continues to examine the party that Christian Calcano started before we hit the $5,000 Standard Premier IQ at #SCGDFW!

Good mana? Shaving the chaff? Answers to the bigger threat to your deck? Check, check, check. Was the secret to making Rally the Ancestors playable cutting
the green cards?

Anyone who has played the four-color Rally deck knows how difficult it is to get blue mana on Turn 2 for Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, green and black for
everything else, and then double white for Rally the Ancestors. Sometimes it doesn’t all come together, or the times when it does, it’s clunky because all
of your lands enter the battlefield tapped.

Since green is gone, we don’t have as good of ways to gum up the ground like Elvish Visionary, Catacomb Sifter, or Collected Company. Each of those cards
are particularly good at helping you find your missing combo pieces too, but we can make do with just blue and black cards. The mana is so much better
without that fourth color too!

The sideboard looks rough. Hidden Dragonslayer isn’t exactly an economical solution to any problem, plus you have Valorous Stance, Bone Splinters, and
Sidisi’s Faithful to answer Anafenza, the Foremost. Mastery of the Unseen seems fine for grindy matchups, but aren’t those what you’re a favorite against
anyway? Wouldn’t forcing through a Rally with Dispel or Duress be better? Other than that, I wouldn’t be surprised if this deck could use more Atarka Red
hate other than a few Minister of Pains.

It wouldn’t surprise me if a mashup between this and Christian Calcano’s deck is a good idea. This seems like a slower Rally deck on average, and adding
some Whirler Rogues would provide a nice backup plan. Still, this deck won States with another pilot in the Top 8, so I imagine it’s pretty solid as is.