Daily Digest: Temur Black

Temur just can’t catch a break in Standard. Maybe the answer lies in adopting an idea from the highly successful Jeskai Black builds. Maybe Temur Black is finally what the deck needs for #SCGKC!

Wizards has started posting the 5-0 decklists from various Leagues. Hurray!

KickR managed to go undefeated with their take on the often eschewed Temur archetype, although there was a little help from a black splash.

This brew uses creatures like Savage Knuckleblade, Woodland Wanderer, and Tasigur, the Golden Fang to turn on ferocious, which means your Stubborn Denials
and Crater’s Claws will be excellent. It also has a creature-land in Lumbering Falls, and other solid removal like Fiery Impulse, Kolaghan’s Command, and
Murderous Cut.

Basically, this deck is like Abzan and Jeskai mashed together. It has the big threats of Abzan, but the Fish-style feel of Jeskai. Additionally, you
probably pick up some percentage points by playing an off-the-wall deck that has a bunch of weird stuff in it.

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy might be a good, if not expensive, addition. Being able to Flashback a Crater’s Claws in the lategame is certainly appealing, plus
it’s nice to have a cheap threat when you have Kolaghan’s Command in your deck. It doesn’t exactly play well with Stubborn Denial (or reactive cards in
general), but it sure would be nice to have a cheap way to protect it. Still, the deck is probably fine as-is.