Daily Digest: Standard Zoo

Standard has turned out to be quite an aggressive format in recent weeks, and the potential for it to stay aggressive is stronger than we may realize. Give this Naya Zoo deck a try before #SCGBALT this weekend!

This deck is anything but ordinary. Generally three-color decks try to leverage their worse mana with superior card quality, and very rarely do you see those three-color decks attempt to be aggressive. Abzan Aggro is the exception because they can also play a fine defensive game against decks that are a little smaller than them.

This deck doesn’t care. It wants to get you dead. However, I like that this deck doesn’t resort to playing scrappy cards like Temur Battle Rage in order to try and make that happen. Its card quality is still strong, so your topdecks heading into the midgame are still going to be quite potent, unlike decks with Foundry Street Denizen.

Being able to play both Dromoka’s Command and Atarka’s Command in an aggressive shell is a huge boon for this deck. You will likely be going wider than your opponent and either Command can punish your opponent for not keeping up. Either you can clear out a single blocker with Dromoka’s Command (or two in rare cases) or you can simply attack through their blocker with Atarka’s Command and still get in for a bunch of damage.

Roast, Plummet, Surge of Righteousness, Rending Volley, and Scouring Sands all make for great sideboard options. This deck isn’t interested in getting fancy and trying to switch up its role, it just plays the same game every time.