Daily Digest: Standard Is Painful

This just in: Painful Truths is really good. The standout sorcery from Battle for Zendikar continues to insert itself into good decks, and GerryT has found the latest one!

I’m not sure where Danny’s deck came from, but he made Top 8 of the Standard Open and it looks pretty sweet. From talking to him, he didn’t seem too sold on the idea of the deck, but it worked out for him.

Painful Truths is kind of taking over Standard in various Mardu and Jeskai decks with various splashes. Prowess plays particularly well with decks that have some velocity, so this deck has a bunch of those creatures as well.

This deck goes a little lower to the ground with Monastery Swiftspear, but I like that idea. There are less lands that enter-the-battlefield tapped, so despite being a three-color deck, you can expect it to curve out reasonably.

The only thing I find suspect is the lack of Kolaghan’s Command. Returning Abbot of Keral Keep is a great way to keep up with all the other attrition-based decks in the format.

I’m not surprised to see the deck taking a page out of the R/G Landfall sideboard. Outpost Siege and planeswalkers are the best way to fight Jeskai Black and their heavy dose of removal.