Daily Digest: Soul Sisters

Has anyone had more effect on Standard over the last month besides Tom Ross? GerryT investigates what could be yet another Tom Ross breakout deck piloted by LEGION273! Test it for #SCGINVI!

Mono-White lifegain decks have a powerful casual following, but with the printing of Ajani’s Pridemate, the deck finally started getting some respect as a
competitive deck.

As it turns out, lifegain plus big creatures is a good strategy against opposing creature decks. With Ajani’s Pridemate getting reprinted in M15 alongside
Soulmender, the deck might actually be viable again.

LEGION273 finished 3-1 in a recent Daily Event with a lifegain deck with cards like Archangel of Thune, Radiant Fountain, and Path of Bravery. Tom Ross has
tried these types of strategies before, and I think this may be a natural foil to his very popular Rabble Red deck.