Daily Digest: Social Commentary

Khans of Tarkir has everyone excited to play multicolor decks again, three colors to be specific. But what if three still isn’t enough? Push the limits of manabase taste with this sweet brew for #SCGATL!

I’m not even sure what’s going on here. Sure, there are some normal token synergies in Naya, but then we see some “random” Izzet Charms and Turn // Burns
with Negate in the sideboard. This feels like some sort of social commentary on how we use our mana bases.

In a solid three-color deck, how difficult is it to get that fourth color? When you’re playing four Mana Confluence, I’d wager that it’s not difficult at
all. However, whether or not you go down that path depends on what that fourth color brings to the table. In this case, Izzet Charm and Negate provide some
permission, which may or may not be needed, but almost certainly won’t be played around.

Turn // Burn also gives you an answer to bigger creatures and has the potential for a two-for-one, but unless you’re allergic to Banishing Light, it
doesn’t seem particularly necessary. Getting your Banishing Light blown up is one of the worst feelings in Magic, but it’s not like we’re leaving them
without targets for their Disenchants considering the deck also has a pair of Spear of Heliods.

Building a three color mana base is relatively easy — Have we just not tried hard enough to build with four colors in mind? Clearly there is some merit to
playing with all of your favorite cards.