Daily Digest: Siege Rhino Is A Nice Fit In Legacy

Is Siege Rhino good enough for Legacy? GerryT thinks so! And yes, Tsunami is way cooler than Choke. Get your Rock on this weekend at the #SCGMKE $5,000 Legacy Premier IQ!

Cabal Therapy and Pernicious Deed are giving me Flashback to a better time. Sniping people with blind Cabal Therapies and grinding people into a pulp were
some of the best days of Magic for me. This isn’t the same ol’ Rock deck though.

Veteran Explorer should be the first sign that your deck isn’t exactly trying to play fair. Sure, you’re trying to grind them out, but it’s not really fair
if you have four mana on Turn 2. To be fair though, everyone else in Legacy is doing messed up stuff, so Veteran Explorer is basically trying to level the
playing field. In all honesty, we’re still behind, but I don’t mind a challenge.

Green Sun’s Zenith provides the deck with an enormous toolbox and is definitely something I wish I had access to in 2004. Crazy permanent? Reclamation Sage
it. Opponent trying to be a jerk and play big spells? Gaddock Teeg says no. Need a fatty? Call up Sigarda, Host of Herons or Thragtusk. It also gives you
redundancy for finding your Veteran Explorers.

Oh, yeah, there’s also turn 2 Stoneforge Mystic, which might just beat a fair deck on the spot. This is definitely not the Rock deck of old. Then again,
we’re in different times. Siege Rhino is quite a bit better than Obstinate Baloth.

There are some things about the list I don’t necessarily agree with, such as the extraneous tutor targets like Eternal Witness. The one-of Sun Titan also
seems out of place since there’s no way to actually tutor for it. There are Sensei’s Divining Tops and a bunch of shufflers, but is it really necessary?
While recurring a Pernicious Deed every turn is great, I’m guessing it’s not.