Daily Digest: Seeking A New Tezzeret

Daily Digest has a fresh new take on Tezzeret! It’s been a minute since the age-old U/B Tezz decks felt fresh, so let’s see what a new color can do for us! Try this brew at #SCGVEGAS!

While Joe Lossett is mostly known as being a U/W Miracles player, he tests brews semi-frequently on his stream. This is certainly a deck I’d consider a

U/B Tezzeret has had a reasonable amount of success in Legacy thanks to the efforts of Chris Andersen, Chris VanMeter, and Caleb Durward, but no one has
really experimented with a different splash color. Brian Braun-Duin flirted with the idea of Thopter Foundry / Sword of the Meek in his U/W Miracles deck,
and Joe smashed all those ideas to form this spicy decklist.

Typically, U/B Tezzeret has two game plans — The first is a turn 1 Chalice of the Void for one while the second is a turn 2 planeswalker. While this deck
doesn’t have the U/B Tezzeret, it does have the good ole mono-blue one, but it can’t hit play until “only” turn 3. Instead, Joe opted for the Stoneforge
Mystic package, capable of finding the traditional Batterskull, but it’s also capable of setting up the Thopter / Sword combo, which can make an army of
1/1 fliers while gaining life.

The deck is still in its infancy, but with Tezzeret’s success in the past, it shouldn’t take long before the U/W version makes a Top 8.