Daily Digest: Same Eldrazi, Different Format

Michael Majors puts on his best GerryT impression by delivering a deck well worth your attention! Going to #SCGLOU this weekend? Then you should see how it’s possible for you to play Eldrazi in both Modern and in the Standard Classic on Sunday!

Join The SCG Tour<sup>®</sup> in Louisville February 20-21!” border=”1″ /></a></div>
<p>While <a href=Thought-Knot Seer may actually cost four mana in Standard (as opposed to Modern), it’s still an exceptional card.

TombSimon didn’t win this quarter’s MOCS event, but his second-place effort was good enough to punch his ticket to both the MOCS Championship and #PTSOI in Madrid, Spain.

We’ve seen a variety of Eldrazi Ramp strategies throughout Battle for Zendikar / Oath of the Gatewatch Standard, but never one quite this focused on ramping.

While this Eldrazi deck’s threat density might be slightly lower than previous incarnations, this version is incredibly fast. Featuring nine two-mana accelerants and four Oath of Nissa to find them, TombSimon was interested in reaching large amounts of mana as quickly as possible every game.

It’s worth noting that although Whisper of the Wilds has been used in the past, its ferocious ability has oftentimes been extraneous text but is now quite relevant with the inclusion of Though-Knot Seer.

What really makes this hyper-focused version of Ramp possible is leaning on World Breaker, an exceptional tool for fighting B/R Dragons, keeping Four-Color Rally off its namesake, and generally being a difficult-to-deal-with nuisance that also conveniently finds Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger in conjunction with Sanctum of Ugin to finish off an opponent.

While the sideboard options are generally limited in a mono-green deck, this Eldrazi Ramp strategy is able to employ some defensive options with Jaddi Offshoot, Winds of Qal Sisma, and Hangarback Walker, along with a small land destruction package featuring Reclaiming Vines to put its opponent in a chokehold due to the eminent threat of World Breaker.

With the explosion of Four-Color Rally in recent weeks, I don’t think there’s anything more capable of punishing them than a fast ramp deck interested in blowing up their lands, even despite the fact that TombSimon was defeated by the powerful archetype in the finals of the event.

Join The SCG Tour<sup>®</sup> in Louisville February 20-21!” border=”1″ /></a></div>
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