Daily Digest: Red Goes Back To Back

Mono-Red just won back-to-back Pro Tours by taking home the trophy this weekend at #PTOrigins… GerryT examines the PT-winning deck that will be keeping things aggressive for the next two months of Standard metagaming.

I never thought I’d see the day where red aggro decks would take back-to-back Pro Tour titles, but here we are. I’ll definitely be packing my Arashin Clerics for the next two months!

This is not the “go wide” Goblin deck with Atarka’s Command or Obelisk of Urd though – the best-performing red decks were by far burn-heavy mono-red decks utilizing the power of Exquisite Firecraft and Abbot of Keral Keep. Searing Blood also made a huge resurgence as a way to punish people for playing Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and Elvish Mystic.

With so many burn spells capable of dealing heavy damage, it’s relatively easy to burn someone out from a high life total. This red deck only needs to get in a few attacks with its creatures but it definitely needs to get at least some damage in, which explains why there are so many one-drop creatures.

It’s worth noting that the Team Ultra Pro version of Mono-Red Aggro (who also put two players into Top Eight) is likely better in the mirror match. No one wants to get their Firedrinker Satyr hit with a Searing Blood! Going forward, I think the best red deck will likely be a mashup of the two.

Despite winning the Pro Tour and the fact that the deck will be facing down several hate cards in the coming weeks, red is an excellent choice right now. Congrats Joel!