Daily Digest: Plague Wind You

Young Pyromancer has had plenty of success around every format, but it’s time he really got his Standard due. This winning Pyromancer brew may be just what the little guy needs to start burning up the format!

Izzet Staticaster is a card I’ve loved for a long time and even played maindeck online for a while. When a format becomes creature heavy, there is
basically no other card that will put in as much work. Combine that with Turn//Burn and Polymorphist’s Jest, and you have a recipe for destruction. Ral
Zarek also makes a cameo appearance.

Aside from Staticaster shenanigans, we’re a pretty normal U/R counter-burn deck based on Young Pyromancer. Jace, Architect of Thought gives us more
protection against small creatures while Stormbreath Dragon and Keranos, God of Storms function as our high end finishers.

Stoke the Flames gave burn decks a huge boost, especially in combination with Young Pyromancer, so it’s not surprising to see all sorts of burn decks
popping up. You might think that your deck is weak to big creatures like Polukranos, World Eater since you’re full of Shocks and Izzet Charms, but Turn and
Jest give you a lot of game against them.

Plus, there’s a Gorgon’s Head in the sideboard, and that’s just awesome.