Daily Digest: Old School Blue

GerryT ventures out into Vintage territory now and then. This time, he’s come back with a list that reminds us of a simpler time, a time before the other four colors got good cards…

One might say that this deck is so old school, you could call it Vintage.

I’m familiar with the Vintage metagame, and I think that most people who are interested in the format are too, so there’s not much point in me showing off
a “normal” Vintage deck. Because of that, if a Vintage deck hits the Daily Digest, you know it’s because it’s a bit off the cuff.

Mono-Blue Control hasn’t really been a “real” deck in Vintage since 2005-ish. Right now we’re in a spot where it might have a chance though.

Against Workshops, you want to counter their plays and lock them down with Back to Basics. Clearly that’s not the easiest proposition and might mean that
Mana Leak is better than Mana Drain since you are far more likely to be able to cast it turn 1 in this deck. The plan is similar against Fish decks, but
they also have Cavern of Souls.

Against Dredge, you need to Trinket Mage for Grafdigger’s Cage and protect it, which is easier said than done. That plan is great against Oath as well, but
this time you have Spell Snares. Against everyone else, you cast sweet blue spells. In my experience, that’s enough.