Daily Digest: Nahiri Ponza

As if Nahiri wasn’t already wrecking Modern enough, now people are pairing her with the evil act of blowing up lands! Want to tick Nahiri up without worrying about your opponent casting spells? Here’s your list, friend.

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<p>Why stray from the hottest new Modern topic? </p>
<p>While <a href=Nahiri, the Harbinger has largely been considered to be the centerpiece of a new form of Jeskai Control, the ceiling on this planeswalker may know no bounds.

In this case, one individual has decided that the best way to use the powerful new planeswalker is in a land destruction shell. Between Blood Moon and Boom // Bust combined with Goblin Dark-Dwellers, there are a multitude of options to disrupt and delay an opponent.

When we’re talking about Nahiri, the Harbinger, all we need is time. Just a few turns of reprieve where our opponents aren’t capable of doing anything substantial is all it takes to deploy Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and win the game.

I love how straightforward this deck is. What is there to complement this disruption and a few select win conditions? Just eight copies of the best Lightning Bolts in the format. TheAgent002 is playing the best variety of removal, land destruction, and win conditions.

The great thing about splashing white in your deck is that your sideboard gets to be awesome. There is, of course, no exception here. Stony Silence is about as good as it gets as a hate card against Affinity and various other artifact decks. Celestial Purge has turned into a sideboard superstar overnight between its applications against Jund and various Nahiri, the Harbinger mirrors. Otherwise there’s a scattering of the cards we’ve come to see in various archetypes, although the movement toward Defense Grid as a means to protect our key spells like Blood Moon and Nahiri is certainly interesting.

This looks to be yet another winning combination for the best new planeswalker in the Multiverse.

SCG Tour <sup>®</sup>Atlanta Open Weekend June 4-5!” border=”1″ /></a></div></p>
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