Daily Digest: Mono-Forest Beatdown

The format is speeding up every week, and this deck gives you both attrition and aggression! With #SCGPROV on the horizon, it may be time to get your green on!

Dragons of Tarkir isn’t just about Dragons, it also has plenty of other tools, including aggressive green creatures! Reverent Hunter and Aspect of the Hydra are some of the most powerful cards that people weren’t playing, but that’s because the support options were limited. Now, with things like Avatar of the Resolute, Deathmist Raptor, and Scaleguard Sentinels, there’s actually enough devotion enablers worth playing to make it happen.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller is also pretty nice in this deck, although it only shows up as a singleton. This deck really wants to keep the curve as low as possible, but I’m sure a slightly bigger version with Surrak as the centerpiece is doable. Collected Company is the other “bigger” card from DTK that’s worth exploring, but I think it’s best out of the sideboard as a way to deal with opposing removal.

Setessan Tactics is always great in a format full of creatures and provides a reasonable finishing blow. The other fair pump spell in the deck is Ranger’s Guile, which is also great against removal, and is something the deck goes up to four copies of after sideboard. Being able to spend one mana to counter their Hero’s Downfall represents an enormous tempo swing, and it also means you can swing for lethal with Aspect of the Hydra without having to worry about any disruption.