Daily Digest: Making A Name

The SCG Tour® is filling up with strong players this year! GerryT wants to highlight the latest breakout performance (complete with his accompanying decklist)! Will you be the one that breaks out at #SCGCOL?

Andy Ferguson is quickly making a name for himself on the SCG Tour® with his mastery of various aggressive strategies. His latest creation is nothing short of spectacular. If you didn’t like yesterday’s take on Abzan Aggro, perhaps Andy’s deck is up your alley.

He useses Collected Company in his Abzan Aggro deck instead of Siege Rhino. While Siege Rhino might be the best card in Standard, at least in a vacuum, Collected Company was very impressive, frequently putting in seven power of creatures into play. Sure, Siege Rhino is a powerful card, but is it better than a Matter Reshaper and an Anafenza, the Foremost at the same time?

With a lower curve, Sylvan Advocate starts looking pretty attractive, especially alongside Nissa, Vastwood Seer to keep the land drops coming. Six creature-lands highlight a traditional Abzan manabase full of painlands. Those painlands conveniently help cast Matter Reshaper, but you can only really afford to play three copies with eight sources.

This deck is removal-light, but you often don’t need it when your creatures are faster, larger, or have deathtouch. The only real issue comes when trying to deal with a utility creature like Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. There are definitely situations where you can overpower a Jace, though. After all, the best solution to any problem is to kill them before it matters.