Daily Digest: Look To The Stars

Constellation decks have always been exciting, just chock full of card advantage and multiple enters-the-battlefield triggers, and today’s deck from the Top Eight of #SCGRICH showcases the best of what Constellation has to offer us.

Herald of the Pantheon is one of the most exciting cards from Magic Origins. The card itself isn’t particularly exciting, but it’s an indicator of the things that are now possible. At the Open Series in Richmond, a hard Constellation deck managed to break through, and it looks glorious.

Perhaps the most surprising card to see is Kruphix’s Insight, but I like it. With the full-on Constellation theme, it’s now worth it to go hard with cards like this. Previously you may not have had enough enchantments in your deck to hit multiple good cards off Kruphix’s Insight reliably enough. Those times have changed, and with 25 maindeck enchantments, Kruphix’s Insight is basically a Divination that only draws you spells, although sometimes you’ll spike the full three cards it can potentially offer. If you’re worried about getting grinded out by Abzan Aggro, a cheap source of card advantage is exactly what you need.

Nyx Weaver is also something you don’t see every day. With Starfield of Nyx, you should be able to win any late-game just by rebuying a few key cards. Starfield of Nyx is no slouch on its own though. Being able to power through your opponent’s removal is very important in this Standard format.

Against aggressive decks you lean on Doomwake Giant, but I think that’s alright. Herald of the Pantheon gives you some much-needed lifegain and can help you cast your clunky spells faster, so this deck is no slouch even though it appears slow because of its many high drops.

Overall, this is a great start and a Top Eight is a great finish right off the bat. I eagerly await the results of Pro Tour Magic Origins to see how Constellation fares.