Daily Digest: Let’s Make A Deal

Abzan Aggro is Standard’s latest top dog, but can you push it a little bit further? Does its volume go to eleven? Dromoka’s Command is already one of the best cards in Standard, but it’s even better when it profitably clears your pact with a Demon!

With an Abzan Aggro-ish deck taking down Grand Prix London, it’s clear the deck has some legs. While Hangarback Walker is great in the deck, perhaps we want something a little… darker.

Lots of teams tested with Demonic Pact for Pro Tour Magic Origins, but Invasive Species was not a card that everyone thought of. Antonio del Moral Leon appeared to be the only person brave enough to sleeve it up. This deck is lower to the ground with no Woodland Bellowers, but it’s still potent. Invasive Species is a reasonable beater on its own and can reset your Demonic Pact (or just something like Siege Rhino), but Dromoka’s Command can also beneficially remove your deal with the devil while doing something else.

Since Abzan Aggro has some decent options for removing its own Demonic Pact, it might be worth trying. Basically, if you can play Demonic Pact without suffering from the drawback, you should probably look into it because the card is incredibly powerful. Demonic Pact is inherently grindy, but it can also be used to give you that last push to close out the game, possibly before the timer runs out on the Pact. Abzan Aggro can definitely play that grindy game though, so Demonic Pact is more than welcome.

Of course, occasionally time runs out and you gotta pay for that Pact, but the sweat is always worth it.