Daily Digest: Legacy’s Allure

Gerry Thompson reaches into the past and pulls together a list that has been on the fringes of Legacy a little too long. Sleeve this one up and test it for #SCGDAL’s Legacy Open this weekend!

I played Aluren in a Legacy Grand Prix once. It was a lot of fun, but ultimately the deck was kind of weak and a min cash wasn’t exactly what I was looking
for. I suppose that’s what I get for asking Cedric Phillips for a decklist.

This deck, however, looks pretty sweet. Veteran Explorer is something I didn’t consider and probably should have. Deathrite Shaman is another worthy
one-drop that helps play around Daze and Spell Pierce. Obviously, I love Shardless Agent and Baleful Strix.

Aluren is a value deck that will eventually kill you with its namesake card. Sometimes the games never come down to that, and you play out like a Shardless
BUG deck. Even if you can’t find Aluren, you can Living Wish for Thragtusk and kill them that way. It’s not pretty, but it works. I’d be hard-pressed to
play this over traditional Shardless BUG, but I see the appeal. After all, killing your opponent is (slightly) better than grinding them out.