Daily Digest: Legacy Is Great

Only in Legacy can an all-but-forgotten Tier Three archetype show up and put two players in the same Grand Prix Top Eight. Just when you think it’s solved, things shift on you at least a little – that is why it’s such an awesome format!

You never know what’s going to happen in Legacy. Here we thought the format was all blue-based with decks like Miracles and Delver at the top, and sure enough, both of those decks put multiple players into Top Eight of Grand Prix Lille. However, you know what else put multiple people into Top Eight? Aggro Loam!

What the hell?

Well, Liliana of the Veil is still good, especially if you have a way to break parity. Punishing Fire is also pretty nice against the various Deathrite Shaman / Delver of Secrets decks running around. Chalice of the Void is also quite potent against those decks as well as a beating against many combo decks. The Life from the Loam / Wasteland lock is also quite impressive against Delver.

Dark Confidant and Knight of the Reliquary are cards we don’t see much of anymore, but apparently they’re still good too. Mox Diamond provides the acceleration necessary in a Chalice of the Void deck, and Green Sun’s Zenith gives the deck a toolbox feel.

This is not an isolated incident. Two very similar Loam decks managed to Top Eight the same tournament, even in a field of potentially bad matchups like Miracles and combo. Even a Lands deck made Top Eight as well, so it looked like a party for various Life from the Loam decks. In the end, the finals contained two Miracles deck… perhaps some more work on that matchup is necessary.

Only in Legacy could a mostly-forgotten archetype show up at a Grand Prix and put two people into Top Eight. The depth to the format is immense.