Daily Digest: The Aristocrats, Act VIII

We’ve seen all sorts of powerful and popular Standard decks make their way into Modern, and now it’s The Aristocrats’s turn. Check out one clever mage’s plan to sacrifice things for fun and profit!

Who doesn’t like sacrificing their own stuff for fun and profit? The Aristocrats has mostly been a super fringe archetype in Modern, but this build looks pretty good. The format is centered on Lightning Bolt right now, and most of your stuff could not care less about that card.

This is a creature deck that is capable of gaining a lot of card advantage with Dark Confidant, Lingering Souls, Kolaghan’s Command, and Promise of Bunrei. Falkenrath Aristocrat is difficult for anyone to beat. Bloodsoaked Champion takes the Doomed Traveler spot and Blood Artist gives you the reach you need. That whole package is rounded out by some discard and excellent removal.

Modern is at a point where Grixis is all the rage, Jund is mostly on the decline, and some combo decks are floating around. It’s basically never been a better time to be playing this deck, especially since it looks like it will give Grixis nightmares. The big-mana strategies are going to be difficult, but we could do something about it if we cared. Boom//Bust with Flagstones of Trokair and Ghost Quarter could certainly make its way into this deck, even if that’s not the main strategy. This deck is customizable and will always welcome more disruption, especially if it’s a new angle of attack.

I think the sideboard could be more focused, as sideboarding seven more removal spells isn’t exactly where I’d want to be when we could be playing haymakers like Stony Silence, Kor Firewalker, or Leyline of the Void. Still, this is an excellent starting point.