Daily Digest: Kung-Fu Tokens!

GerryT shows off one of the most underrated strategies of the first weekend of Standard action! Without a near-miss, this would be one of the most talked about decks of the first few weeks! Check it!

Last weekend showcased two StarCityGames Opens featuring the new Standard format with Khans of Tarkir. As expected, a ton of interesting decks showed up and several performed well. Today’s deck isn’t completely off the wall, but it’s something that no one’s been talking about — Jeskai Tokens!

When brewing tokens decks for the new format, most of the people chose Mardu as their clan thanks to powerful cards like Butcher of the Horde. However, with Jeskai you have access to the clan’s Ascendancy, which is already making waves as a potential combo enabler. In this deck, you have your own mini-combo with convoke, allowing you to spew tokens into play very quickly or burn your opponent with Stoke the Flames while still being able to attack.

Joseph ran afoul of Ross Merriam’s Doomwake Giants, but I expect that’s more of the outlier than anything. Had those two not played against each other, who knows what would have happened? Maybe we’d have a different Jeskai deck hoisting the trophy.