Daily Digest: Kiki-Chord Reimagined

Kiki-Jiki is always a great option for a $5,000 Modern Premier IQ, but at #SCGMKE, the Goblin may want a little more help than usual! GerryT shows you new list featuring a ton of Kiki’s new friends!

The end goal is to have Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker alongside a Zealous Conscripts or Pestermite so you can make infinite hasty tokens. In the meantime, you
cast a bunch of value creatures trying to stabilize and build a board presence.

The best backup plan is beatdown from mediocre creatures, but it’s surprising how effective that is. However, without a card that provides a big push, it
would probably be difficult to kill your opponent manually on the regular. Therein lies the secret — By pressuring your opponent, you’re forcing them to
react to your creatures that have already given you value and weren’t aren’t real threats anyway. That opens the door for you find the combo kill to finish
your opponent for real.

Anyway, about that big push… Have you met Hellrider? It may not seem like much since it’s just adding one damage per creature, but that’s not exactly how
things go down. For starters, you don’t actually have to connect in combat to deal the damage. That’s a big deal! The other thing worth noting is the pair
of Phantasmal Images in the decklist. One Hellrider is often enough, but if you have two Hellriders, your opponent will die to a couple Birds of Paradises.

So why Temur over Naya? Well, I like Phantasmal Image probably more than I should. The blue sideboard cards also help you win the matchups that you’d have
difficultly beating with Naya. In fact, some of the Naya decks actually do splash for cards like Negate, Glen Elendra Archmage, and Izzet Staticaster. Why
not just cut out white altogether?