Daily Digest: Jund Superfriends!

One of the greatest strengths of Magic is that sometimes an unexciting archetype can be made exciting! Sick of the same old Jund? Try this fresh new flavor that went undefeated in a recent Daily Event!

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Generally, this style of Daily Digest is sometimes less exciting for some readers, but these are the most interesting to me. Slight tweaks to archetypes or the merging of two archetypes is typically how we go from “Tier 1 deck” to “Best Deck.” On one hand, we have a Jund Monsters core, but on the other, it has a lot of elements that make Mono-Black Devotion so powerful. In short, it has more removal and durable planeswalkers instead of mopey monsters.

The real question is “Does this do anything better than both of those decks or is this a bad version of both decks?” I think the answer depends on the metagame. For example, if I were playing Esper Control, this would be the nightmare matchup, whereas Monsters can be tough but still winnable. A pile of planeswalkers, Read the Bones, and Rakdos’s Return is exactly what the control deck does not want to face.

As for the comparison to various black devotion decks, I could see where this deck has the edge. Cards like Ultimate Price are almost useless and their Hero’s Downfalls are stretched too thin. Additionally, the acceleration into Rakdos’s Return can be brutal as long as you’re removing their threats as well.

While M15 is sure to shake up the Standard environment, make sure you consider this deck when you’re brewing!