Daily Digest: It’s Morphin’ Time

Michael Majors is no stranger to turning cards right side up, and this list has made him re-consider whether or not it’s time to break the morphs back out! What do you think? Is this deck ready to win the Classic at #SCGMKE this Sunday?

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<p>My favorite types of midrange decks are those that are able to properly leverage early threats that continue to scale favorably into the late game. This is the original reason that I was so high on G/W Megamorph way back at the release of <i>Battle. </i></p>
<p>Ethan Davis’s <a href=Naya Midrange deck borrows a lot of the core grindy elements of the old Megamorph decks alongside some new, exciting mythic rares. We all know how great Archangel Avacyn is at doing literally everything, but I hope that I’ve been successful in driving home the point is this column that Nahiri, the Harbinger is awesome and underplayed!

Not only does she have the ability to enter the battlefield and eat a troublesome permanent, she curves rather nicely with the Megamorph engine. Her +2 ability can put her firmly out of range of getting attacked down while discarding a Deathmist Raptor that can be then returned to the battlefield with Den Protector on turn 5!

Normally her “ultimate” ability is overlooked or even just flat-out ignored in decks, but just by including a few key cards, Nahiri has a ton of flexibility. Dragonlord Atarka and Linvala, the Preserver are incredibly castable in a deck with Nissa, Vastwood Seer and her respective Oath, but they also fit both sides of the spectrum should the Harbinger ever make it to eight loyalty. Whether we need to clear the battlefield of trouble or get firmly out of range, these two top-end spells have us covered.

It’s almost easy to overlook Chandra, Flamecaller, but she’s here too! The main themes of this deck are resiliency and power. There’s both an abundance of the “best cards,” notably Declaration in Stone, Dromoka’s Command, Sylvan Advocate, and Archangel Avacyn, alongside a variety of means to compete with anyone in a longer game.

Davis’s sideboard is mostly just about efficiency. When a deck is operating on such a high power level we’re mostly just interested in dealing with problems in the cheapest way possible. That’s represented by the nod towards an abundance of low-cost removal that can then be returned and abused by Den Protector. There are still a few spicy ones here though, notably a Pantheon-esque Seasons Past.

If you like grinding and attacking as much as I do, you should have your eye on this sweet Naya deck!

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