Daily Digest: Hateful Devotion

What’s the easiest thing to do to keep your opponents from playing Modern? Blood Moon, of course! GerryT has provided a fresh list from Yamada that utilizes Devotion in quite the hateful manner!

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Green devotion decks have popped up in Modern thanks to the power of Garruk Wildspeaker alongside Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.  They have basically remained a solid but unspectacular strategy in the face of Modern’s plethora of combo decks. In a turn 4 format, green devotion is often a turn too slow and has little to interact with its opponents.

I’m not sure if this new list changes that entirely, but it does give you a lot of free wins against a wide variety of decks. Of course, we’re talking about the potential for a turn 2 Blood Moon. It might seem awkward to run Blood Moon in your Nykthos deck, but presumably if you’re casting Blood Moon, it’s hopefully because your opponent is losing to it.

This deck is slightly more aggressive than its previous counterparts with Strangleroot Geist and Kitchen Finks, so it doesn’t give your opponent much time to find those valuable basic lands. Because of that aggression, this deck doesn’t rely on Nykthos to win games; it’s merely a tool for explosive draws if you have it available.

I think green devotion has the potential to be a real contender. The deck has a lot in common with Birthing Pod and could potentially incorporate those as well. If you’re just looking for some quick wins, Blood Moon is probably the place to be.