Daily Digest: Eldrorzhov

Turns out the criticism of the latest Eldrazi may have been a little premature. GerryT has found yet another deck that aims to put the big alien creatures in the winners bracket at #SCGDFW’s $5,000 Premier IQ!

Leading up to Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar, I built some Eldrazi Ramp decks, some Eldrazi Control decks, and some W/B Wasteland Strangler decks. They all
fell short, but I never thought to put them all together, so I guess that’s my bad.

Fourteen ways to exile your opponent’s cards (not counting Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or Oblivion Sower) makes Wasteland Strangler a Flametongue Kavu
almost all the time. Cards like Blight Herder are much more difficult to get online, but the payoff is well worth it. For Blight Herder, you can probably
count on Oblivion Sower, though I still wouldn’t want to rely on Ulamog. Once you’re dropping Ulamogs, you probably don’t care that you’re getting some
Eldrazi Scions.

Instead of ramping, this deck is trying to slow down the game with removal spells. Using card drawing like Read the Bones and Ob Nixilis Reignited will
help you make your land drops. Getting to six mana should be easy, at which point Blight Herder and Oblivion Sower will bridge the gap to Ulamog. It’s kind
of tilting to have your Oblivion Sower hit a bunch of fetchlands that don’t find anything in your deck, so maybe it’s actually worth it to play a Battle
land of each color.

I love seeing that this deck is ready for the mirror with Infinite Obliteration. The fact that people might need to do that now is astonishing.