Daily Digest: Dragon Superfriends

With G/W Megamorph and Jeskai Black clearly at the top of the metagame charts, a deck that can beat them both is going to be worth paying attention to. Today’s deck seems to be designed with its position against both well in mind, making it a good deck to consider testing for #SCGStates this weekend!

If G/W Megamorph is a good deck, then Dragons are a fantastic answer. Planeswalkers are pretty good there too, especially those with high loyalty. They have no way to remove them outside of creature combat, so if you have enough removal or blockers you should be able to run away with the game.

The Temur color combination has been suspect in the past, but this is a different deck. This is more of the spiritual successor to G/R Devotion than anything else. It ramps to big things, which is typically great against the smaller green decks in the format. Dragonlord Atarka at the top end is the nail in the coffin.

One of the cards I’m surprised to not see is Radiant Flames. It doesn’t work well with your Rattleclaw Mystics, but Atarka Red is likely a tough matchup. Feed the Clans does serious work there, but if you can’t answer their threats that extra ten life might not matter.

The full amount of Dispels is very clearly a nod to Jeskai, which does not seem like a great matchup. Being able to force your big spells through their Ojutai’s Commands and Disdainful Strokes is absolutely key.

With G/W Megamorph and Jeskai being the two big decks in the format, people are going to start building decks that are solid against both, and this is the first example of that.