Daily Digest: Desperate Storm

It’s time for another Daily Digest! See the latest and greatest innovation from one brewer that you could use to conquer the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGATL!

Storm is obviously a good deck in Modern, as it’s one of the few decks that is capable of a semi-consistent turn 3 kill. That said, there are a lot of
issues for the deck including discard spells and sideboard hate. This version aims to fix that.

Since most of the rituals have been banned, it can be difficult to assemble enough of them. Gifts Ungiven can do that for you while also effectively being
a Divination to counter a Thoughtseize. With Goblin Electromancer, Gifts Ungiven should set you up for a consistent turn 4 kill. It can also do things like
find your Grapeshot and Past in Flames with a single card, which will make it so you are less likely to fizzle.

It wouldn’t be a Gifts decks without an Unburial Rites package though, and that’s exactly the type of thing Storm wants against cards like Rule of Law and
Abrupt Decay that would destroy a normal Storm deck’s Pyromancer Ascension. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is often lights out against Birthing Pod and Iona,
Shield of Emeria is fantastic against other combo decks.

There is the argument that Gifts Ungiven slows your deck down, taking away what made Storm powerful in the first place, and there’s certainly some merit to
that. With Goblin Electromancer, I’m not sure if that’s the case. This list looks awesome.