Daily Digest: Dark Goggles

It’s always sad when a Pro Tour has an incredibly strong deck that’s overshadowed by other top performers. #SCGMKE’s Classic may take this deck out of the sidelines and up to the top of the standings!

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<p>There’s no doubt that #PTSOI had an incredible Top 8 full of both talent and diversity. That being said, it still feels like this deck was largely lost in the shuffle.</p>
<p>For me personally, Salvatto’s deck specifically resonated as I spent so much time leading up to the Pro Tour trying to make R/W Goggles work. <a href=Nahiri, the Harbinger still feels like the most underrated card in Shadows, and despite there only being a handful of copies in this deck, it looks to be an awesome addition to a really cool take on Todd’s original U/R Goggles.

What really sets this deck apart, however, is its use of an Eldrazi creature base. Combining effective cheap removal ad sizable bodies that pressure opponents with the powerful late-game elements of planeswalkers and Pyromancer’s Goggles makes this R/W deck excellent at playing all stages of the game and putting real pressure on an opponent, no matter what strategy they are utilizing.

In particular, I really like the use of Eldrazi Displacer and Goblin Dark-Dwellers. Individually they are powerful creatures that are both great at managing the battlefield of creatures. In tandem, however, they can go absolutely crazy to draw cards or kill an opponent’s creatures. I also don’t believe I’ve seen this synergy anywhere else so far.

The sideboard has many of the cards that we would expect from this color combination, but I’m a huge fan of two elements. The first is Secure the Wastes, which is not only a fine stand-alone threat for those that might want to target our Thought-Knot Seers but can also team up with our Westvale Abbeys against decks that might be vulnerable to it, giving R/W Goggles yet another difficult-to-stop game plan.

Linvala, the Preserver is the second. This is yet another card that feels criminally underplayed, and the mini-ramp aspect of the Goggles decks with Drownyard Temple means that it is possible to power out the haymaker Angel ahead of schedule to stabilize the battlefield and put an opponent under some real pressure.

While B/G Seasons Past may have stolen the show in Madrid, I know what Top 8 deck I will be working on first.

SCG Tour <sup>®</sup>Milwaukee Apr. 30 – May 1!” border=”1″ /></a></div></p>
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