Daily Digest: Challenger Approaching

Instead of finding a crazy MODO brew or a left field result, GerryT instead uses today to acknowledge something we all probably should’ve seen coming a long time ago. #SCGDAL had better be prepared…

When Andrew Boswell lost in the finals of the Open Series in Baltimore with G/W Aggro, no one batted an eye. That’s just the monthly Top 8 from some random aggro deck. Nothing to see here. In his Top 8 player profile, he said, "Deck is insane vs everything other than Mono-Blue." Those are pretty choice words, but one’s that I thought might be correct.

Lo and behold, the very next week it wins the Open in Kansas City shortly after the pilot, Scott Lipp (AKA Spanky), won an IQ with it. Maybe I’m wrong, but this deck looks like it’s for real. The creatures are cheap, resilient, and hit hard while the rest of the deck has ways to remove problematic permanents like Desecration Demon.

I don’t think Sunblade Elf suddenly made this deck great, but I do think it helps. I particularly like Scott’s removal of extraneous non-basic lands in order to fit in all the basic lands (which helps turn on Sunblade Elf). Mutavault and Temples might seem great for your aggro deck as a way to prevent flooding, but being able to cast your spells in a timely manner is often more important.

What do you guys think? Is this just a couple weeks of running hot for G/W Aggro, or does this deck actually have what it takes to shake up the metagame?