Daily Digest: Bust The Moon

We knew #GPCharlotte would have some interesting brews. What we didn’t know is how dominant some of them could be! Michael Majors highlights a deck that carried a long undefeated streak late into the event!

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<p>This is the perfect kind of deck for the old Daily Digest.</p>
<p>While Shan didn’t have the best performance on Sunday, he did start #GPCharlotte at 9-0!</p>
<p>This deck has some similar functions to Blue Moon in that it is interested in using light control elements in conjunction with <a href=Blood Moon to shut down our opponent.

The movement from blue to black definitely makes managing creatures significantly easier and Liliana of the Veil is a great threat and disruptive tool.

Boom // Bust is another big part of this deck. It can be used early to disrupt an opponent, and in combination with a fetchland, it is a functional Stone Rain. Later in the game, Goblin Dark-Dwellers can spell lights out for an opponent by turning the split card into an Armageddon!

I love the use of Ob Nixilis Reignited. The powerful planeswalker is a haymaker against opposing midrange and control decks. The demon is even more likely to go ultimate in Modern, making it comparable to Nahiri, the Harbinger as a huge threat!

There are a few different fun-ofs in Shan’s list that are given a little bit more redundancy by the single copy of Dark Petition. The hype of Nahiri has certainly made it more advisable to pack some removal for planeswalkers, and I support the inclusion of a Hero’s Downfall.

Leyline of the Void out of the sideboard is a great option these days for both directly fighting graveyard decks and being an awesome weapon against Abzan Company and various creature combo strategies.

In particular I like having Grave Titan as an additional big threat when going late against other decks. If you’re able to constrict an opponent’s resources or mana, it is unlikely they’ll be able to beat ten power spread over three bodies!

If you’ve been looking for the next great deck to get your Blood Moon fix, look no further!