Daily Digest: Breaking Symmetry

There are fair cards, there are fun cards. And then there are cards like this one. GerryT has dug up an old school Magic card so reviled in its day that it couldn’t stay buried forever. See how one inventive and sadistic mind brewed up a little something that allowed his/her opponent to do absolutely nothing.

I’ve been wanting Stasis to work in Legacy for a while now, and this deck does that really well! Of course, I wanted to use Stasis in the classic Mono-Blue
shell, but I’ll take what I can get.

Quirion Ranger and Scryb Ranger break the symmetry of Stasis by allowing you to make land drops every turn and untap your mana creatures. Meanwhile, your
opponent is stuck pretty locked under Stasis, only able to get one use out of each of their cards. You also have Exploration to replay the lands you’re
returning with the Rangers so this deck does a lot of stuff to not only break the symmetry of Stasis, but to ultimately make it feel one-sided.

Horn of Greed allows you to have a consistent engine to work off of, meanwhile your opponent won’t be able to get a lot of use out of their excess cards
with Stasis in play. Combining Stasis with Horn of Greed allows you to break symmetry with both cards while Green Sun’s Zenith finds you whichever green
“combo” piece you need.

With a sideboard full of combo hate, this deck looks well-rounded. It might not take Legacy by storm, but if you enjoy having fun while your opponents have
zero, this is certainly the deck for you.