Daily Digest: Boss Megamorph

Week One of the Battle for Zendikar Standard format showed us the defining decks to start with, and Week Two allows us time for refinement. Tom “The Boss” Ross improved G/W Megamorph by adding a little blue mana, check it out for this weekend’s #SCGStates!

G/W Megamorph easily dominated #SCGATL last weekend, but the Top Eight also contained a variant of the archetype piloted by Tom “The Boss” Ross which splashed blue in an attempt to solve some problems.

Michael Majors had issues with decks that were on either far side of the spectrum – either Atarka Red or hard control decks in the format such as Bring to Light and Esper Dragons. Decks that go either over or under G/W Megamorph are typically very difficult for it to handle. The one thing those decks have in common? They both contain very important instants!

Atarka Red tries to finish off the G/W deck after they’ve stabilized by going over the top with Temur Battle Rage or burning them out with Atarka’s Command, both of which can’t get through Tom’s maindeck Dispel or Stratus Dancer. After sideboard, it’s even more difficult to resolve those important spells. Against Esper Control, cards like Stratus Dancer and Disdainful Stroke punish expensive sweepers, which is the main way for Esper to catch back up. Lumbering Falls is also difficult to deal with.

Tom and Majors’ ingenuity may have helped Tom make the Top Eight, but it didn’t help him once he got there. Jeskai Black and G/W Megamorph littered the Top Eight, so unfortunately Tom didn’t get to play against any of the decks he was trying to beat.