Daily Digest: Boss Innovations

#SCGStates is a tournament where surprising the field can really pay off, and nobody is better at threading the needle through a tough field than Tom Ross. GerryT highlights his latest success story!

As always, Tom Ross does not disappoint. He took another somewhat forgotten aggro deck to the Top 8 of the Standard Open in Syracuse. While Joe Lossett continues to win with his Jeskai Heroic deck, the deck continues to not be very popular. Ultimately, it’s not very easy to play well, and it doesn’t help that the deck isn’t very forgiving.

Tom Ross took the usual W/U shell and added Dromoka’s Command. It might seem like an odd inclusion, but having a removal spell can change a race dramatically (as can his maindeck Ordeal of Heliod), the +1/+1 counter helps turn on the Ordeals, the damage prevention clause is very relevant, and maindeck enchantment removal is very nice to have against Courser of Kruphix and Jeskai Ascendancy.

If you’re going to play Heroic, make sure to get a lot of practice in, especially since even Tom made some mistakes last weekend. If you do, you might become one of the people that never seems to lose with Heroic like Tom or Joe.