Daily Digest: Behold, The Tribrid

Mashing two decks together gets you a hybrid – so mashing three decks together deserves its own special name too, right? And speaking of special, the number of different ways this deck pressures you and might just kill you is pretty darn special.

If you play against this deck, you better Bolt their Bird.

Some people have experimented with playing mana acceleration in order to play the Splinter Twin combo sooner than usual, but this deck takes it to the next next level. If you don’t have the Twin combo already, you can simply follow your Birds of Paradise with a Blood Moon, Magus of the Moon, or one of the eight (!) various Swords in the deck.

This deck doesn’t have much in the way of acceleration or protection, but instead of focusing on setting up the combo and protecting it, it either turns all your lands into Mountains or beats you down with a Birds of Paradise that is somehow dual-wielding Swords. Eight Swords might be a bit of overkill, but it puts a ton of pressure on them immediately thanks to the twelve mana accelerators, so who’s to argue?

Is this deck the best version of Twin available? Unlikely, but it’s certainly a deck that is very difficult to sideboard against. Similar to Amulet Bloom, it puts pressure on your opponent to interact with you immediately. The various mana accelerants function like mini-Spellskites because if they don’t kill them, you might just run them over. If they do, maybe your combo kill has an opening a few turns later.

Clearly this list is a little rough, but it’s a new angle of attack and I love it.