Daily Digest: Back In Black

Are you a player with a heart of darkness? GerryT has so many evil lists for your $5,000 Modern Premier IQ consideration today, it’s unbelievable! Get your black cards ready for #SCGIndy weekend!

Did you know that Mono-Black Midrange has silently been putting up solid results in Modern? Powerful cards like Bloodghast, Geralf’s Messenger, Phyrexian
Obliterator, and even Demigod of Revenge have been beating up on opponents who are also trying to play fair for almost a year now.

We don’t have a consensus best list, but that’s alright. The combination of disruption, removal, and big threats has been a huge part of Modern’s metagame
for a while now, but from the Jund side of things, I don’t like my chances against these decks. Their threats are difficult to deal with unless you’re
running Path to Exile, but even that’s not a great answer since the black decks will welcome the extra mana source.

Surprisingly, neither of these decks features very much Burn hate. Is the matchup that bad that you don’t even want to bother trying to beat them with
three Sun Droplets or Dragon’s Claws? Or perhaps cards like Gray Merchant of Asphodel and a mostly painless manabase already give you a fighting chance?
I’m guessing not, but it’s still interesting to note that neither of these players opted for Burn hate.

With Modern becoming more of a grindfest between Jund and Grixis decks with a healthy dose of fair creature decks added to the mix, Mono-Black Midrange
might actually be a reasonable choice. These decks are kind of like Jund decks that are better against fair decks and less good against combo, and that’s
probably the recipe for success.