Daily Digest: Atarka You

Before #SCGPROV, it would benefit you to understand that it’s a Dragon-eat-Dragon world out there, and there’s one Dragon that eats better than the rest!

Most of the Dragonlords showed up at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, but none were flashier than Dragonlord Atarka. As the most expensive Dragonlord, I would expect nothing less, but I assure you she is worth the cost. Two players rode Atarka all the way to the Pro Tour Top 8, but neither of them were paying full retail for her.

Both players have twelve or more mana accelerants, which makes it possible to play Dragonlord Atarka as early as Turn 4. See the Unwritten is one way to get Dragonlord Atarka into play a little cheaper than normal, but Shaman of Forgotten Ways is certainly another. Both of these decks are capable of explosive openings with incredibly powerful finishes.

Green Devotion decks have mostly been a fringe strategy, but with two copies in the Top 8, you can almost certainly bet on seeing more of them. Dragonlord Atarka may have been the missing piece of the puzzle, as it does so much to clean up tough gamestates. Maybe it’s an Elspeth, Sun’s Champion overwhelming you, a couple of Siege Rhinos giving you the beatdowns, or a horde of little red men trying to swarm over you — It doesn’t matter, Dragonlord Atarka is the answer.