Daily Digest: A Shadow Looms

GerryT loves Death’s Shadow and it looks like he isn’t the only one! See this great new Modern brew featuring the little (big!) guy, and try it out at the $5,000 Premier IQ at #SCGNJ or #SCGINDY!

I’ve had a long-standing love affair with Death’s Shadow, and it’s only a matter of time before the card gets busted. This is the latest attempt featuring technology like Orzhov Charm.

Previous iterations have played things like Avatar of Hope or Angel’s Grace and a full playset of Spoils of the Vault. This one has things like Bitterblossom and Lingering Souls to buy time and provide sacrificial fodder for Plunge into Darkness. It eventually finishes with a large Fling.

This deck could easily incorporate various side strategies, such as Blood Moon or the aforementioned Avatar of Hope (with Cavern of Souls naturally). There’s a lot of room to innovate this archetype. What’s the best version you’ve seen?