Changes To The Weekly Submissions Contest

The bad news is, we no longer offer $50 in credit. The good news is, two people will now win cash every week. Click the article and read on for details!

Starting this week, StarCityGames.com will pay cash instead of StarCityGames.com credit for its contest winners. However, there are now two prizes — first place gets $30 in cash, second place gets $20.

This change has been made for two reasons. One was that its much easier just to write a check than it is to track store credit.

Second, Ted and I kept winding up with weeks filled with good articles where we wanted to reward two people. Now, we can.

So here’s how it’ll work: At the end of every week, Ted and I will choose the two best articles, and award the prizes. Then Pete will cut each of the two winners a check. Not a big change, but it does double your chances of winning… And remember, if you write good articles for us on a regular basis, you can become a StarCityGames.com Featured Writer!

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