Calling All Cards Clarification

Yes this event is real, and Scott Johns, editor of MagictheGathering.com, is here today to clear up some misconceptions about the event and to answer some of the more frequently asked questions he’s seen on the forums.

May 3. 2004

Media Fact Sheet: Calling All Cards Event

What is Calling All Cards?

Calling All Cards
is an event for casual and competitive Magic players to showcase their favorite cards with the Magic community. Calling All Cards events will be held at all remaining domestic Pro Tours in 2005 and at U.S. Nationals. Magic players will be invited to show off some of their rare and/or favorite cards with other Magic collectors and to the Decksperts.

Who are the Decksperts?

The Decksperts will be the hosts of the Calling All Cards events. Featuring representatives from both Wizards of the Coast and Beckett Media, the Decksperts will serve in a number of capacities.

The Wizards of the Coast Deckspert will be Jake Theis, Assistant Brand Manager for Magic: The Gathering. Jake will comment on why cards are historically important, dissect card choices in players’ decks, and discuss intermediate Magic strategy with casual and competitive Magic players alike. In addition, he will have giveaways to players who visit the Calling All Cards Booth.

The Beckett Deckspert will be Doug Kale, Editorial Director for Beckett Media. Doug will be grading Magic cards according to official Beckett standards. If you’re curious if your Black Lotus is really in mint condition, Doug will be able to tell you on site. He also will let you know if your cards are keepers or clunkers. With more than 15 years of professional experience in the hobby and collectibles industry, Doug has tracked the prices and popularity of sports cards, TCGs, toys, animation cels, comic books and a variety of other collectible items. He also will be the price guide editor for the upcoming magazine Beckett: Magic The Gathering.

How Many Cards Should I Bring?

Jake and Doug will review AT MOST 25 different cards/pieces of memorabilia per person. If an event participant would like to show their prized cards to others inside the Calling All Cards area, they are welcome to do so. Players should only bring what they can easily manage.

Can I Sell Cards?

Players only can sell their cards to official card dealers. The PT: Philadelphia dealer area will be clearly visible and is open to all players. Players who attempt to sell cards to non-dealers will be asked to leave the event.

What Kind of Security Will There Be for My Cards?

Attendees should exercise caution when transporting their cards. Security representatives will be on site, but ultimately, event participants are responsible for their belongings. Event participants should bring only what they can easily transport, and attendees should never leave their belongings unattended.

Will Deck Doctoring Be Available?

Yes. Players will have the opportunity to share their deck construction ideas and questions with actual Wizards’ employees.