Ask the Editor, 11/11/2004

My first question is this: What the hell happened to Jon Finkel? The guy disappeared like Bobby Fischer or something, did he fall into Magic obscurity or just give up the game for career/family etc?

Why doesn’t that delightful vagabond Josh Bennett write for you guys anymore? His Starcity articles are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read online. “William Shatner buys Porno” indeed.


An OMC Fan

OMC is regarded by many as the best pure writer ever to grace the Magic writing scene. His writing wasn’t particularly technical or strategic, but his ability to put words together into compositions that were complex, challenging, and downright fun to read is largely unmatched. He’s f***ing brilliant in real life as well, so he can basically do whatever he wants to in terms of employment — if he finds what he’s doing enjoyable, I suspect he will succeed. Sadly, Josh doesn’t write for anybody right now, which is a bloody tragedy. I know thousands of fans miss his awesome coverage and even awesomer non-coverage writing. Rumor has it that he’s been taking a vacation from the hustle and the bustle of the Magic world, and at this time his return to the world of Magic writing remains uncertain.

Mr Knutson,

I have two questions for you. I ask that you read both, but beg that you please answer the second.

My first question is this: What the hell happened to Jon Finkel? The guy disappeared like Bobby Fischer or something, did he fall into Magic obscurity or just give up the game for career/family etc?

Can you please for the love of God tell me what “mise” and “ting(s)” mean? Where did these terms originate? I have asked repeatedly and no one seems to know. It’s driving me ape$#!+.

Well thanx much for your time, and hopefully your answers as well,

keep up the good work.

Ryan Bossenbroek

Speaking of brilliance… Jon Finkel, probably the most talented Magic player of all time and a man who is spoken of with awe and reverence by all of the New York/New Jersey and old-time Pros, has found that using his mind to do things that don’t involve Magic is considerably more profitable than playing on the Pro Tour. I’m a pretty smart guy, but Finkel is capable of doing things that I can’t even begin to imagine are possible — he’s one of those guys that scientists should be studying in order to get a better idea of what the human mind is capable of. I can’t really go into detail about what his actual activities are because they may or may not involve things that are not strictly legal in the state of New York, but trust me when I say he’s probably doing quite well for himself.

As a strange personal note, Finkel is one of two guys in the Magic world that I wanted to get to know better but never had a chance to before he hit his semi-retirement, with Bob Maher being the other one. Thankfully Bob’s close friend Neil Reeves keeps showing up at Pro Tours and Vs. PCs, so I get to chat with him every couple of months… he remains one of the coolest gamers that nobody really knows about.

As for the slang, Ferrett covered this a long time ago, though “tings” seems to be missing from that article. Maybe I’ll pester resident slang experts Mike Flores or Tim Aten to give you a little more background on that term in their next article.

I’m sure that this has been answered before, but some of the newer readers (such as myself) would like to know more about this mysterious previous job you referred to in “Ask the editor” on November 2nd. Also it would be interesting to know what kind of degree you have (or don’t have if that is the case).

Thanks a lot,

Dustin Conrad

I used to be an IT Project Manager and Database Administrator for a pharmaceuticals company until I got fed up with dealing with my psychotic boss and quit. My undergraduate degree is in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma, and I attended graduate school at Emory University for a year with the intent of getting my Doctorate in International Political Economy before I got depressed and dropped out, joining up with the tech sector during the stock market explosion. Aside from Prof. Allen Hertzke teaching me how to write and getting a good foundation in Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology, what I learned in school presumably has little bearing or relevance on what I do today.

Teddy Cardgame

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