50 to 1 Odds

Only check this one out if you’re up for a serious challenge! The mythic difficulty rarity has never been more appropriate for a Possibility Storm puzzle!

The Core 2019 competitive puzzling season is now finished. Congratulations to Allen Smith for finishing 1st and winning a booster box of Guilds of Ravnica, and to the rest of our Top 8 for their prizes too!

Guilds of Ravnica season opens October 2nd. Good luck!

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# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 11.9 5 Paul Barrett 10.1
2 Justin Francis 11.3 6 Hugo Rodrigues 9.6
3 Matthew Williams 10.9 7 Nick Ptacek 9.6
4 Matthias Schneebauer 10.4 8 Will Jennings-Hess 8.9