Dredging In Standard

If you can do broken graveyard things in a format with very little hate, you probably should. GerryT is at Pro Tour Kaladesh, but he’s sending you a message from across the ocean: Go to #SCGRegionals. Put these decks together. Bury your opponents alive.

If you enjoy your graveyard being an extension of your hand, then you’re in luck! Those strategies are great in Standard.

The resiliency of Haunted Dead, Prized Amalgam, and now Scrapheap Scrounger cannot be understated. Your creatures don’t brawl as well as everyone else’s, but they don’t die either. Instead of your efficient creatures taking a bunch of mana, you end up paying some mana but a lot of cards. Since you want most of your cards in the graveyard anyway, you’re getting mostly upside.

You could just start with Zach Voss’s second-place list from #SCGINDY, but I don’t recommend it.

Since #SCGINDY was the first tournament after Kaladesh was released, it’s natural to miss something. That something turns out to be a pretty big deal.

It might not make a lot of sense, considering Grixis Emerge isn’t exactly interested in producing or using Energy, but there’s no reason we can’t change that. If Perpetual Timepiece is worthy of consideration, then Minister of Inquiries, even if it’s only going to mill you for six, is at least in the conversation. Minister of Inquiries should be more than just a part of the conversation, though. There should be four copies in the maindeck.

Here’s why: