The MagicFest Las Vegas Episode!

The Commander 2019 precons are back, but the action’s in Las Vegas and some special guests are here to spice things up. It’s time to watch all the wild action!

Kicking It With K’rrik!

Can Bennie Smith build a fun and not-broken deck around K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth? Watch him make his case with Commander 2019’s most infamous card!

Commander 2019: The Upgrade Path

The Commander 2019 decks are fun out of the box, but that’s only the beginning! Sheldon Menery shares how he’d build around all their potential three-color commanders!

Keyword Questing With Rayami!

Who wants keywords? Rayami, First of the Fallen wants keywords! Bennie Smith builds a spicy Commander list … and provides seven bar charts to back it up!